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As a service to the community, New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers provides a regular newsletter several times a year on topics of concern to our clients and to the public.  Newsletter topics range from stress management to overcoming family dysfunction.  These newsletters offer readers valuable information to assist them in the management of mental health issues and support in recovery from addictions.  Each current newsletter is posted as it is published.  For newsletters that are archived, click the topic below to see the newsletter.

Trauma and PTSD
Understanding the Nature of Trauma and PTSD
Flashbacks and Body Memories
What You Can’t Put Into Words, You Can’t Put to Rest 
10 Steps to Building Resiliency
Normal Experiences Associated With Trauma vs. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Time Management
Effective Time Management
Avoid Escapism
Tips for Effective Time Management
Learn to Use the 80/20 Rule 

Teenagers/Bipolar Disorder/Anxiety:
Heroin Use in Teenagers
Understanding Bipolar Disorder
Effectively Managing Anxiety

Substance Abuse / Depression / Parenting:
Marijuana: The Great Un-Motivator
Understanding Depression
13 Steps to Becoming an Effective Parent
Effectively Managing Anger
How to Manage Anger By Managing Expectations
20 Tools for Managing Anger
Managing Anger in Relationships
Dysfunctional Families:
Understanding The Rules of Dysfunctional Families
Changing the Rules to Create Healthy Families
Characteristics of Healthy Families
Roles of Dysfunctional Families

Managing Stress During Uncertain Times
Understanding the Nature of Stress on the Body
Physiological Symptoms Associated With Stress
The 4 “D’s” of Managing Time and Stress At Work

Re-discovering the Lost Art of Intimacy:
Understanding Communication Style of Men and Women
The Benefits of Turning Off the Electronics
Tips for Effective Listening
How to Win an Argument
Rules for Fair Fighting  
Synthetic Drugs:
Understanding The Nature of Synthetic Drugs
What’s in Synthetic Marijuana?
What Are Bath Salts?
What Are in Bath Salts?
Bath Salts Can Be Highly Addictive
Emerging Drug Abuse Trends
Treatment for Synthetic Drug Abusers
How to Know When Your Teenager Needs Help
Don’t Be Afraid to Parent
Depression in Teenagers
Drug and Alcohol Use in Teenagers

Understanding The Nature of Suicide Risks
Learn To Recognize The Warning Signs
Risk Factors for Suicide
Psychotherapy Helps
Helpful Responses To Distressed Teenagers
Risk of Suicide Contagion


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